Send 100s Of Thousands of Instagram Messages With Mobile Push Notifications (Mass DMs Service)



Example Niches

How To Get Started


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Place the Order

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Fill Out A Form

Fill out a simple google form so that we know who to target and what to message


Sit back and relax

We are now executing your order. Depending on the size, it can take from 1 - 4 days.

Pricing Plans

10K Test

Fast 1-2 Delivery. 90% Request Folder. + Mobile Push Notifications / 4$ for 1000 DMs

This test run can be ordered only once!

100K DMs

Fast 2-4 Delivery. 90% Request Folder. + Mobile Push Notifications / 2$ for 1000 DMs

250K DMs

Fast 2-4 Delivery. 90% Request Folder. + Mobile Push Notifications / 1.8$ for 1000 DMs

500K DMs

Fast 2-4 Delivery. 90% Request Folder. + Mobile Push Notifications / 1.4$ for 1000 DMs

1 Million DMs

Fast 4-6 Delivery. 90% Request Folder. + Mobile Push Notifications / 1$ for 1000 DMs



Will this work for me?

Do you have something to sell or announce? If yes, then it will work for you! This is basically like ads, but 10x less expensive for the same reach.


Can I get blocked?

Absolutely not. We are not doing actions with your account + We sent tens of millions of dms already - not even one account banned. If this was the case then half of the only fans Instagram accounts would be gone already. It's a standard practice.


Do I need to give you access to my Instagram account?

Nope. We don't need it at all. Everything is done externally with our own accounts that we create specifically for your campaign.


What do you mean by "push notifications"?

Each person we target receives a push notification on their mobile device about the message.


How do you get the audience to target?

We scrape your competitors' followers or we can gather audience from hashtags or locations.


Is there any limit on how many messages we can send?

There is no limit. You can place multiple orders and we can fulfill them easily - Currently we are sending about 5 million dms a day.


How do I know you actually sent all the messages I ordered?

We will send you a full report at the end of the campaign including a video + targets we gathered.


Why do you accept crypto only?

Paypal, Stripe and other commercial gateways would not be really happy with our service. The only way for us to collect payments is via Crypto. Here is how. Send us word "trial" on telegram or email and we send a few hundred dms for free if you are sceptical.


Do I need to have Instagram Account?

Yes, you should have one because we will tag you in the message and they click on your profile and take action. Not needed in the case where you only want people to see your message (like a local bar or similar)


Are the followers and leads real?

Absolutely. We only target real users from your competitors or people who posted under a certain hashtag. We also filter out bots by using are smart scraping technology.