Will this work for me?

As long as you have something to sell and your offer is enticing enough it will work. This works best for lead generation, sweepstakes, only fans, local businesses, ecommerce, crypto, night clubs, bars, restaurants .. the list is never ending. Do you have something to sell or announce? If yes, then it will work for you!


Do I need to have Instagram Account?

Yes, you should have one because we will tag you in the message and they click on your profile and take action. The better your Instagram profile the higher the conversion rates. It can work without Instagram account but in certain cases where you don't need them to click anything. For example, a local night club announcing buy one get one free drink on Friday night. Users will get a push notification on their mobile so this is a huge visibility for such cases. They just need to see your message in this case


Do I need to give you access to my Instagram account?

Nope. We don't need it at all. Everything is done externally with our own accounts that we create specifically for your campaign. For instance, to send 100,000 DMs, we would create 2,500 accounts, each capable of sending about 40 DMs, directing traffic back to your main account.


What do you mean by "push notifications"?

Each person we target receives a push notification on their mobile device about the message. This means maximum visibility for your message since pretty much everyone is on their mobiles all day every day. Even if we don't catch them in the moment, they will see the notification later when they scroll through them. This is next level stuff!


How do you get the audience to target?

After you indicate you who you want to target, we will gather their followers (in case of verified accounts we can only get people from likes and comments on their posts) and send them messages. This is a very targeted approach for as long as you know who is your closest competitor. We can also gather the audience from hashtags (the accounts that posted) or even locations which could be great for local businesses or anyone trying to target people in a specific country/city.


Is there any limit on how many messages we can send?

There is no limit. You can place multiple orders and we can fulfill them easily. We create our own accounts so please be patient. If you are ordering millions of dms they will be sent during 3 - 4 days but we will start usually on day 1. If you are ordering just 100k this will be fulfilled usually within a day.


How do I know you actually sent all the messages I ordered?

Good question. This sets us apart from the few people that do this. We tried them and knew our conversion rates. They never sent the amount they say they would. Sending even 100K dms has a lot of costs like expensive 4g proxies and all the software required to do the job. The client has no way to prove if this was done or not. We are different and we will send you a report of the dms so you can clearly see how many were sent. We will also send you the audience we gathered + a video of how messages were sent.


Why do you accept crypto only?

The big question right? Glad you asked! It's very simple. Our service is not something you'd just easily find and buy on the net. You have to dig deep to even find somebody let alone them being reliable. We use crypto because that's our only way of accepting payments. Paypal, stripe and all the other commercial gateways would likely not like us providing this service and therefere we have no other option but to collect payments via crypto. Send us a word "trial" on our telegram or via email and we send a few dms for free for you if you are sceptical.